Friday, 24 April 2009

Best is back people!

Back from our little holiday Best is housed in Brighton’s best known boutique, the Pussy Home Boutique.
We bring together a permanent collection of rare and collectable framed and un-framed signed prints, from artists including Mike Giant, Frank Kozik, Nick Walker, Rikki Marr, Shepard Fairey, Noah Butkus, Astek, Matt Sewell, plus new and exclusive prints from such luminaries as Pinky, INSA, Danny Sangra, and illustrious illustrators such as Curly Mark, Al Murphy, Alex Binnie, Saira Hunjun, and Bert to name but a few... come join us for the private view :) The boys are back in town... :)

Pussy Home Boutique

Pussy Home Boutique

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