Monday, 27 April 2009

Best Pussy Invite

So today we're getting the artwork flyer finished... it looks amazing - thanks to Pinky for the amazing illustration, and Martin for the super tweeking... now all that needs to happen is to have it beautifully screen printed by those amazing folks at Bob Eight Pop, it's going to be a stunner, I tell you :)

Friday, 24 April 2009

Best is back people!

Back from our little holiday Best is housed in Brighton’s best known boutique, the Pussy Home Boutique.
We bring together a permanent collection of rare and collectable framed and un-framed signed prints, from artists including Mike Giant, Frank Kozik, Nick Walker, Rikki Marr, Shepard Fairey, Noah Butkus, Astek, Matt Sewell, plus new and exclusive prints from such luminaries as Pinky, INSA, Danny Sangra, and illustrious illustrators such as Curly Mark, Al Murphy, Alex Binnie, Saira Hunjun, and Bert to name but a few... come join us for the private view :) The boys are back in town... :)

Pussy Home Boutique

Pussy Home Boutique

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Press Release: Best Pussy

Niki Best is back on the gallery scene. And no one is better placed to gather together some of the far flung strands of contemporary street art and knit them into a new shape (a balaclava may be?).

Niki Best has joined forces with Pussy Home Boutique to bring you a proper end to the Brighton Festival show, incased in a sunny spot close to the seafront. The bright gallery upstairs at the big Pussy store is a great venue to view these desirable, affordable and collectable pieces. With a weather eye to the future value, we are showing passionate work by inspired young artists.
The works on show are drawn from Niki's own extensive collection of rare and collectable prints together with new works by some of the artists she gave space to when they were new kids on her Clerkenwell block. When her gallery closed she took time out to relocate to Brighton, recuperate, and raise her son. Always ahead of the game, she was promoting and collecting the work of up-coming artists when some of them were barely out of nappies themselves. Her eye for vibrant, relevant talent has been proved again and again by the quality of the commissions and reputation that many of them have continued to make.
The show includes vintage framed and unframed, signed, limited edition prints from Frank Kozik, Nick Walker, Mike Giant, Rikki Marr, Shepard Fairey, Noah Butkus, Astek and Matt Sewell to name but a few.
New and exclusive work comes from Pinky, INSA, Danny Sangra, and illustrious illustrators such as Curly Mark, Al Murphy, Alex Binnie, Saira Hunjun and Bert, amongst others. Brighton's own Pinky will be contributing a mural in his eye-popping, life and love-affirming psychedelic style to the walls of the boutique.

Press view Thursday 21st May 7pm-9pm

Open to the public Friday 22nd May. Free entry

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Party on!

Had a really great meeting with the lovely folks at Redbull today... it's going to be a fun time people!!!! That and those lovely fellas at Tiger Beer will mean a truly amazing party... you'll need to RSVP - so I'll put a link to that a.s.a.p.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Good Old Days...

We'll be adding images of past shows and events as we go along - until the new website is up and running - just to give people a small reminder of what went on at Best...

The Gallery at Big Pussy...

So... the gallery space itself is amazing... wooden floors, amazing light, a really lovely space - can't wait to get in there!! It's on the 1st floor above the Big Pussy Boutique, Pinky is going to be doing a mural to show people the way, there will be more details about the night itself as we go, needless to say there is bound to be a famous Best raffle... can't not keep up the tradition eh?

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Annnnnnd we're back in the room...

Yes! and here we are again... please bare with me whilst I get the hang of this bloggy thing...

The Incredible Hull