Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Oooo eeeee… what a par-tay…

Well... what can I say - you just had to be there. Thanks to Boomer for organising the aftershow party, and to spinning some wikkid tunes like! Kate for playing some top toons too. To everyone that showed up to the Sneaker Fetish show, and to those who queued around the block, big up! To INSA who yet again proves that his artwork is worth all the hype. Emma for taking some great photo’s which will be up here as soon as. To Dan for being the super doorman. To Will and his other half (nobody introduced me sorry!) for being amazing behind the bar, and being print sellers extraordinare. To lovely Lady Eleanor for doing just about everything (as usual). To Mister Matt Pigeon, Ginny and Boggy, Dez and Batty (sorry I didn’t have a lot of time to speak to you!), Michela and all the tattoo crew. To all who signed our guestbook... particulally one person who signed on the first page who I wanted to talk to being such a fan (yes, I said fan - I’m not ashamed!) - but was too shy…ahhhh:)) you know who you are.. (if you don’t everyone else reading this will... right Dave?!:). To all that showed, and have showed in the past - we salute you!! - watch this space for pics, and what’s happening next…
Yes! There was a queue…
Thanks to Emma for the photo’s and to INSA for letting me steal them off his blog… plenty more photo’s to come… :)

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